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This website uses cookies to enable us to know which areas of our website are visited most or knowing how the user moves here.
To create the statistics on the use of our website, we use statistical and traceback cookies with limited access to the functions described in the previous paragraph, and experience with the aim of times our visitors re fetches come to our site and what the most interesting content for them. This allows us to focus our efforts on improving the most visited areas and to allow the user to quickly find what he seeks. The user has the option to delete such cookies before he starts surfing on the web, by configuring its own browser. But he can use the settings that block cookies.

The company tells you that Article 22.2 of the Law LSSI provides the following provision: “The service provider can data storage and Datenwiederverwertungs- devices in the DTE, the receiver use, provided that they have given their consent after they have been clearly and completely informed of its use are, in particular, the purpose of the treatment of the data, in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data 15/1999, of 13 December. If it is technically possible and appropriate, the consent of the recipient to treat the data, by means of the use of adequate parameters of the web browser or other applications, provided that the setting during installation or update to by an express act this must execute purpose. The above provisions do not prevent the possibility of storing or accessing technical, which occurs only for the purpose of sending a message over an electronic communications network, or, if there is an urgent need for the performance of the service of the company that has expressly requested by the recipient. “In this sense, you will be told that the cookies that are used for the following purposes subject to the provisions of Article 22.2 of the Law LSSI.:

– Only the communication between the system of the user and the network.
– Strictly provide a service that has expressly requested by the user.
We can conclude that the excluded cookies that are, have the following purpose:
– Cookies A “User Registration”
– Cookies for the user authentication or identification (only when logging in)
– Cookies for user safety.
– To use session cookies video player
– Session cookies to balance the loading
– Personalization cookies the user interface
– Plug-in cookies to share social content
The user expressly agrees that this website owned and third party “cookies” used to provide a better experience and service. When browsing or using our Services, the User accepts our use of “cookies”. Nevertheless, the user has the option to prevent that “cookies” are generated, or delete this by choosing the appropriate setting in their browser. If he blocks the benefits of “cookies” in their browser, it may be that some services or functions of the website are no longer available. Under their own cookies to understand: cookies from the server or domain that are self-managed and the editor of which he is desired by the user services sent to the user’s computer.
What is a cookie?
A “cookie” is a file that is downloaded on the website, or send the specific web pages to the browser and then stored on the user terminal of the user, which can be a computer, a phone, a tablet, etc.. These files allow the website store information about your visit, with the preferred languages and options, allowing later, enter the information about your browsing that was taken by your user terminal from. The intention is thus to facilitate the next visit to the site and to make them more useful by the content is adapted to user needs.
How to use “cookies”?
While surfing on this website, the user agrees that “cookies” are installed on his user terminal and that they allow us to get the following information:
Statistical information about the benefits of the Website.
The ‘Log in’ the user to remain logged in on the site.
The format of the priority in accessing the website from mobile devices.
The recent market searches on the services of the website and the personalization data for these services.
Information on the advertising that is shown to the user.
Information on the survey that the user participates.
Data to the connection to social networks for users who use when accessing the website with your username from Facebook or Twitter.
Type of use “cookies”
This website uses both temporary “session” cookies and persistent “cookies.” The “session cookies” only store data while the user is accessing the website. The permanent “cookies” to store data on the user terminal, so that they are accessible and usable to more than one session. They are commonly used to store information whose preservation is only interesting for the unique service desired by the user.
Depending on the purpose for which the data on the “Cookies” are detected, the following website “cookies” may use:
Technical “Cookies”
Technical “Cookies” “Cookies”, which allow the user to surf on a web platform or application and benefits of different options or services that are available there, such as control traffic and communication of data in a log identify, provide access to closed areas, store items that contain a request to make a purchase order, make a member or subscriber request for an event, use safety element during browsing, content for a video or sound playback, or content on social networks share.
“Personalization Cookies”
– Personalization Cookies: “Cookies”, which allow the user to access services, in which some properties are generally predetermined according to a series of criteria at the user terminal, such as the language, the nature browser that is accessible by the user on the sides , the geolocation of the user terminal, and the setting of the location from where the user is accessing the pages.
– Advertising Cookies: “Cookies” allow the most appropriate management of advertising space, which may have been involved from the Editor in a web platform or application, from where he desired service according to criteria such as the contents displayed, or the frequency of the displayed advertising accounts.
– Code of Cookies: “Cookies” allow the most appropriate management of advertising space, which may have been involved from the Editor in a web platform or application, from where he provides the desired service. These “cookies” store information about the behavior of the users, collected through constant monitoring of their surfing habits, which in turn allows a specific profile is created, display advertising tailored to him.

“Cookies” Statistical Information
“Cookies”, which allow you to create a tracking and analyzing the behavior of users on the website. The information that is collected through this “cookies”, which is used for measuring the activity of a website, platform or application, and to Browser profiles of the users to create these sites with the purpose to improve the services in accordance with the user data of the users.

“Cookies” of third parties
Third-party Cookies: “Cookies”, which from a server or domain that is not itself manages the editor, but sent by third parties that use the data collected through “cookies” to the user terminal of the user. In some foreign websites “cookies” can be detected, which manage the services offered and can improve. Such as the statistical tools of Google Analytics and Comscore.

How to use “cookies” to manage the browser?
The user has the option to “cookies” to provide installed on his user terminal block or delete by determining the setting of the options of the browser on his user terminal:
To determine the access with respect to cookies on the Google Chrome browser:
Open the menu on the toolbar.
Select “Preferences”.
Select “Show Advanced Settings”.
In the “Privacy” tab, select “Content Settings”.
“Cookies”, you can set the options.

To determine the access with respect to cookies on Mozilla Firefox browser:
In the upper part of the window of Firefox, open the menu on the tool bar.
Select “Options”.
Select the “Privacy”.
In the Firefox option allows you to define a personal setting for the course to set the options.

To determine the access with respect to cookies on Internet Explorer 9 browser:
The upper part of the Internet Explorer window, open the menu on the tool bar.
Select “Security” page and use the “Delete browsing history to” cookies “delete”. Activate the “Cookies” field and then press “Delete”.
Select “Security” and click on Internet Options. Move the slider all the way to the top if you want the “Cookies” block completely, or all the way down, if you want to allow “cookies” completely. Then press “OK”.
If you block the benefits of “cookies” in your browser, it may be that some services or website features are no longer available.
Some browsers can be set specific rules to manage “cookies” according to the website, which allows a more accurate over security. This means that you may use “cookies” to disable all the parties, with the exception of the pages that you trust.